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Driveshaft Balancing


Mark Williams offers high speed balancing for driveshafts. Balancing at actual running speeds has the distinct advantage of closer simulating real world running conditions. Most balancers run between 500 and 1000 RPM when balancing. They count on being able to decrease the unbalance tolerances to account for increased unbalance forces at higher RPM. This does not, however, take into account variations that can be introduced with increased speed. Driveshaft flex, variations in harmonics and operating angles can all greatly influence how a drivehshaft will operate at increased speed.

Driveshaft Balancing - $125.00

When To Balance

Check the driveshaft tech page to verify that you are not approaching critical speed or that there is somehing wrong in your set-up.  Make sure that your u-joints are in good condition and that the transmission yoke is solid, with little or no play.  You should never test for driveshaft vibration with the car in the air. When the car is in the air the suspension is not loaded, and this can introduce problems with shaft angle alignment. Without the car properly loaded there can also be issues with harmonics in the axles and wheels that are mis-leading when troubleshooting driveshaft problems.