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Deep Hole Gun Drilling Service
Gun Drilling Machine Dadson 1-1/2" Diameter x
42" Long Gun Drill Machine
Gun Drilling Machine w/ fixturing
Typical fixturing application of a gun-drilled shaft (in this case, an axle)
Our DS-1242-DL Dadson Gun Drill machine with a 1-1/2" X 42" capacity is available for projects requiring deep-hole drilling in round stock. We routinely drill holes in the 9/16" to 1-1/4" range thru 4340-alloy steel, primarily to reduce rotating shaft weight. This process creates an extremely accurate bore size and finish control.
Round stock can be Gun Drilled with work pieces being up to 42" long. When drilling up to 1-1/8" diameter long length holes, a whip guide is required and reduces the maximum length to 39". In all cases, the work piece must be drilled as the first machining operation, and subsequent machining operations should be trued from the gun drilled hole. A gun drilled hole on this type of machine is very straight, but does not necessarily follow a path concentric with the stock outside diameter.


Subsequent honing operations (if required) can be performed on our Sunnen ST-2000 tube honing machine. This machine has a 78" stroke capacity and can accommodate work pieces with diameters up to 12".
Typically, a gun drilled bore has a very good finish. Depending on the surface finish requirements, an optional honing operation can be added after drilling. Ocassionaly, tool marks can bore and require a honing process to remove these imperfections.
Honing machine
Sunnen ST-2000 Hone


Gun Drilled Parts