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New Services

Rapid Prototyping

New to our list of capabilities is rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping allows us to augment our design capabilities with quick fitments, part conceptualization and complex part casting. Within a few hours a 3D computer model can be "printed" greatly decreasing time from prototype to finished part. Errors can be quickly found and fixed long before any metal is cut. Investment castings can be made from the printed parts allowing for infinitely complex parts. Quick and economical, cast parts also reduce machining costs, trimming more cost from the finished part.

The Supra-Fin™ process is a polishing process that reduces wear, friction and heat in metal to metal contact. The part remains dimensionally and metalurgically unchanged while microscopic abrasions on the surface are removed. While used mainly on our ring and pinion gears, many applications are possible. Supra-Fin™ can reduce tempreatures by 34%, reduce break in time to almost nothing, increase the life of a part, increase the efficiency, and quiet the entire system.
Torsion Testing

Every single Accu-Bond driveshaft from Mark Williams has been torsionaly proven before it leaves our doors. In addition we routinely test new concepts with this machine. As a service we offer the same testing that we employ on our own products. Almost any type of torsional testing can be performed, from failure to fatigue life. Whether you need to test a driveshaft, splined shaft, axle, or anything else we can help. The machine is capable of up to 20,000 ft/lbs at up to 2 Hz. We can also customize the cycle, routine or programming to meet your needs (programming fees apply). Tooling and fixturing costs are the responsibility of the customer. Call us today to see what we can do for you!